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Coupon Name: Verdeso Coupon Save $35 MANUFACTURERS COUPON.

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Verdeso Coupon Description as bellow:

Manufacturer Printable Skin Care Rebate. Monthly savings up to $35 on Verdeso. provide your e-mail on the manufacturer website can print your prescription savings card.

Present your pharmacy benefits insurance savings card, and your prescription(s) for the Stiefel medicine(s)at any participating pharmacy. You will receive a savings of up to $35 off(EXTINA, EVOCLIN, LUXIQ, OLUX, OLUX-E, VUSION, VERDESO, VELTIN) or up to $25 off (ALTABAX, DUAC) your out-of-pocket cost (the amount you pay after the insurance deductions) for such prescription.


McKesson Corporation
RxBIN#: 610524
RxPCN#: Loyalty
RxGRP: 50776387
ISSUER: (80840)

You can also Call 1-866-829-1452 For any questions about your prescription savings card.

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